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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mr. Dan Wessel - (a story)

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At the age of 31 I enrolled n the local Community College. I was 10 to 12 years older than most of the other Students and most of the instructors were in their 30s to mid 40s.
My first year I was kept busy as I was taking a full load of classes, working part time and finding time to spend with my three boys and Wife. That didn't stop me from having time to date a couple of women I met there. One was an Instructor that I wrote the story "She Taught me more Than Accounting" about and the other was also a married student my age. I wrote the story "Memories" about her.
A few years had pasted since my Wife's affair with our Boss at the Drive Inn Theater and as far as I know she hadn't been with another man since then. She knew about my affairs I had this first year.
I was taking a computer class as I was required to do every semester for my degree. The Instructor Mr Wessel, Dan Wessel was also an Instructor for a Photo Club. He was around 37 or 38 at the time.
One day I was sitting in the Student Lounge when he came in and sit at the table where I was. We talked about everything it seemed like and almost every day he came back. soon we were the best of Friends and he told me that he had a dark room at home to develop photos and Slides. He said every thing he takes in photos is slides and one day he asked me to go to the Photo Club room with him. As we went in he locked the door behind us and started the projector. All pictures had the same background which looked like a mountain meadow with many large rocks in one area. Some rocks were about three times the size of a car. On these rocks is where girls posed nude for him. These photos were the type you would see in a high class girly magazine. Some of the girls I knew as students and some photos ended with open leg shots and bending over ass shots. He told me that every week he invites a girl to go with him for a nude photo shoot that usually ends with some good fuck time.
I was sure glad when the first year was over and I could take the summer off. My wife and I caught up on what we like to do most, fucking. As time was getting close to start back to school my wife said she would like to go to college also so we sit it up where she could go too.
Soon I was back in the same routine except I didn't have as many classes and no girlfriends to play with. Every Wednesday at 9 am I had a computer programing class with Dan. It ended at 10:30 and I had a half hour to kill until my next class at 11 am. My wife also had a 9 am but she was out at ten. She would wait in the student lounge and was usually sitting with Dan when I left for my next class.
I was taking the photo club class and it met Thursday afternoons. One day after class Dan asked me if I wanted to see the pictures he took the day before at the rocks. After the other Students left he started the projector and went to lock the door and turn off the lights. The first photo on the screen was the sexy ass of a girl bending over and then he started clicking thur them. They were of my wife in various stages of undress and instantly my cock got stiff and being in a dark room I started rubbing it. He stopped on a picture of her completely naked leaning against a large rock holding her nice big tits in her hands like she was offering them to him. Then he asked if I wanted to see more?
"Hell yes," I told him.
The next picture was taken with a tripod and self timer, She was on her knees at his feet sucking his cock and in the next she was on all fours with him entering her doggie style. There must have been two dozen photos of them fucking and right at the end he said, "I hope you don't mind me saying she was good fucking and really is a great Cocksucker. When I leave here I'm going to your house and take her out for the night. When she comes home you will know she has been well used."

As I drove home I was in a daze, I didn't have a clue they had been out fucking the previous day. She and I had fucked that night and I hadn't noticed anything to make me think she had been fucked earlier.
When I got home she was gone and my Sons were at ball practice so I went to pick them up. I stopped at Fast Food and fed them then went home. All the time I wondered what her and Dan were doing.
After the kids went to bed I sit in the front room with the lights out and the TV on. I can't say I was watching it because the pictures I saw earlier were running thur my mind and causing me more lust for her.I had my cock in hand playing with it as I thought about the photos. Dam I liked the way he fucked her and made her do things for him. I would bring myself to the point of shooting off then I would stop until the urge stopped and I'd start over. I kept this up for well over an hour before I heard a car pull into the driveway. Looking at the clock it was almost midnight then I peeked out the curtain and there was enough light for me to see shadows. She was leaning against him in his arms in the front seat. In those days cars still had the beach seats in front and back. Soon they were kissing and I knew he was feeling her tits. Then her head disappeared and I knew what she was doing then. I also wondered if any of my neighbors were watching and what they may see. Her head was out of sight for ten to fifteen minutes and then she got out of the car.
I jumped up and ran to the door hiding behind it. When she walked in I threw my arms around her grabbing her by the wrist pulling her to me. "Was he a good fuck," I whispered loudly in her ear. I don't think she knew what to expect and may have even been scared wondering what I was going to do. She turned her face over her shoulder looking at me so I kissed her lips sticking my tongue into her wanton mouth. As I slowly released her arms she slowly turned into me as we continued kissing. I could taste the Cum that was still in her mouth. "Yes he was," she uddered as the kiss broke apart. I took her hand and led her to the bed room ripping off her panties before trowing her down on the bed.
"Why are your panties soaking wet with Dan's man juice?"
"His wife was home so we fucked in the back seat. When we finished I just pulled them on until I got home. I din't know you would be waiting at the door."
I got on the bed and spread her legs so I could see her cunt. The hair was matted with the wet cum he left behind. Taking my fingers I spread her swollen puffy lips apart and buried my face between them. The smell of fresh sex made me so horny I knew I would ravish her body before the night was over. I placed my hard tongue at her asshole and made one long upper sweep to her clit. Then back down and up again stopping at her hard erect clit. Sucking it in between my lips then flicking my tongue back and forth over it. She always went wild when I worked her over like this. She was a real Slut at heart.
I felt her place her hands on the back of my head pulling me closer as she spread her legs as wide as possible."Oh you do that so good," she whispered , "don't stop, oh please don't stop." Soon her body started bucking and she had orgasm after orgasm squiting as she did.
I moved up to lay beside her taking her into my arms. "Was that as good as he does it."
"It was great, he hasn't done that yet."
"You telling me you suck him but he won't lick you out?"
"I guess," she said as I pulled her on top of me. She sit on my hard cock taking it deep into her body. She likes to ride like that and I knew she had just finished riding him like that shortly ago. I sucked a nipple into my mouth as the excitement of her warm wet cunt spread through by body. It wasn't long until my man juice took the place where his had been earlier.
"Why are you such a Whore for other men," I asked as she rolled off to lay beside me.
"Because you like for me to be and our love making is always better when I'm fucking others."

Over the rest of the year they fucked many times. Most of the time they would go out at night for a few hours, sometimes to his home and other times in the Car. A few times I would take the kids out to a movie or something so they could use our bed. Dan and I remained good friends and a few times we talked about him and her seeing each other.
After that year was over it would be years before they would see each other again.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Internet's Oldest Slut

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Friday, February 23, 2007

How I Got My Wife To Try Black I have always fantasized about getting my wife to have sex with other men especially a black man. But every time I brought up the subject
she acted as she was not interested.


Let me describe my wife Linda she is 33 years old 5 foot 6, long blond
hair, she has 38c breasts and a beautiful round butt. She looks a lot
like a young Kim Basinger with bigger breasts. As for me I am 43 years
old, 5 foot 9, 175 pounds average size cock.


My fantasies always involve my friend Mike. Mike is 6 foot 2 about 225
pounds very muscular and very black with a large cock that I have seen
in the locker room. I have told Mike about my fantasy and he told he
was willing if we could figure out a way to seduce her.


I put a plan into action; I started renting hard core movies to spice
up our sex lives. After a few weeks I made sure the movies included
interracial scenes. I also started to notice that she seemed more
enthusiastic every time they showed a black guy fucking a blond.


One day she innocently asked "if all black men were as big as they
appeared in the movies".


I said "no but many are including our friend Mike"


She then started asking me questions about Mike and how big he was. I
told her I wasn't sure exactly how big he was when he was hard but he
was at least 6 inches long hen soft. She was really getting into it as
I described mike's cock to her.


The weeks turned into months but I noticed that she started renting
movies herself to bring home and they were always interracial. One day
I told her that all the money we had invested in the stock market was
lost and we were flat broke and that we needed to make extra money.


I showed her an ad looking for models. She said she was not
comfortable having strangers taking pictures of her and I told her I
had a solution to the problem I would take the pics and sell them to
the magazines, and we would recoup most of the money we lost. She was
okay with the idea, then I told her to make the maximum amount of
money we needed her to pose with another person preferably someone
black because they paid more for interracial pictures, and of course I
suggested Mike as the model.


She agreed to try it out but that she could stop at anytime if she got
uncomfortable and she only wanted to take lingerie pics not nudity, I
told her that would be fine.


So the weekend came along and I called Mike over, as he entered the
house you could tell that Linda was really nervous, she had on her
house coat with a light blue teddy underneath.


We all went into our bedroom and Mike began to undress down to his
boxers, the whole time Linda could not keep her eyes of him as she
noticed the bulge in his shorts. I asked Linda to taker off her house
coat so we could begin. As Linda removed her house coat I told her to
stand in the corner and I told Mike to stand next to her and to help
her take it off as I began taking pics. Mike black hands looked so
dark next to Linda's skin. When her robed was removed I asked Mike to
stand behind her and to kiss her neck. That is one of Linda's
weaknesses and I knew I could get her hot by having Mike kissing her
there. I made sure to take my time as I took the pics. Mike had his
hands wrapped around her stomach as he kissed her neck and you could
see Linda beginning to melt.


I asked Linda "is it okay for Mike to lower your straps off your
shoulders it will look real sexy" she just nodded and Mike began to
lower the straps as I clicked away. I instructed Linda to reach behind
her and to grasp Mike's ass. I heard Linda gasp because as she reached
back to grab his ass he UN intentionally pulled him into her and she
could feel his hardness on her ass. I nodded to Mike and he lowered
the straps even further exposing her breasts, Mike then raised his
hands and cupped her breasts as I clicked away. I then told them to
stop and take a break as I reloaded the camera.


I then told Linda it was silly to go this far without taking a few
nudes since all the money we would make was in taking nude pics. She
agreed to let me take a few nudes of the two of them. I told mike to
sit on the edge of the bed and for Linda to stand next to him. He them
began to slowly lower her panties as I took more pics. After she was
nude I told them to switch positions and I told Linda "honey slowly
takes his boxers off for the camera"


Linda wrapped her fingers on either side of his boxers and slowly
lowered them until Mike's hard on sprang out and hit her on her chin
which startled the hell out of her. She was staring at this beautiful
big black cock that must have been ten inches. I told her "Linda grabs
a hold of it so I can take some real sexy pics" As in a daze Linda
took a hold oh his cock as I clicked away, she was slowly stroking him
without me telling her to do it. I told her to get a little closer to
it so it would look like she was blowing him. She put her mouth within
an inch of his cock as I clicked away. I then told them I wanted to
take some other pics so Linda reluctantly let go of his cock.


I told them to get on the bed, and for Linda to get on her knees and
Mike to kneel behind her. I told Mike to point his cock at her ass as
if he was about to fuck her. Mike did just as I said but I told him
his cock needed to be closer to her ass. Mike proceeded to lay his
cock on her ass as I took more pics of the two of them, by now Linda
was super horny; she had that glazed look on her face that only I
knew. I told Linda that I could not get a good shot unless she reached
behind her and pulled her ass apart for the camera. So Linda obeyed my
wishes as Mike got even closer and aimed his cock at her pussy. I told
Mike to put his cock close enough so It looked like he was about to
fuck her. Mike put his cock so close that his cock was touching her
pussy hairs. I told Mike to get a little closer and his cock was now
touching her lips. I told them not to move as I clicked away. I then
nodded to Mike and he pushed his cock into her pussy as fast and as
hard as he could, I heard Linda gasp as she felt Mike's cock invading
her pussy and Mike started to fuck her real nice and slow as I took
more pics. Linda had her face buried in the pillow as Mike fucked her
good. I gave up all pretenses of taking pics and took out my cock and
masturbated as I watched the two of them fucking. Mike pulled out and
laid on the bed and I watched Linda Raise one leg over him and lower
her pussy onto his hard cock slowly descending inch by inch until she
was fully impaled. I watched Mike grab her ass as she rocked up and
down on his cock. Mike then flipped her over and put her legs on his
shoulders as he really fucked her hard, I heard Linda started to
scream as she came and Mike erupted into her pussy as he exploded with
a huge orgasm.


When he pulled out you could see all the sperm leaking out of her
pussy that now looked like a cave because Mike's cock was so big.
Linda had this beautiful smile as I cam up to her and she grabbed my
hair and pulled my face to her pussy and begged me to eat her out.
What could I do? So I licked her pussy thoroughly as Mike got dressed
and left our home. She thanked me for having the best time of her life
as I crawled up and sank my cock in her pussy and fucked her the rest
of the night.


Now all I have to do is to convince her to lick Mike's wife's pussy,
but that is another story.
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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Mr. Big dick's adventures! Check it out.. free vid

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Hot wife gets blacked by two hung guys (part 2)

To those of you who were reading before, this is a continued post because each post only allows 20,000 characters. This is a continue from Hot wife gets blacked by two hung guys
Sam did a hell of a job on my tits. Both were covered with hickeys and my nipples were beet red from him sucking on them. They were swollen and stretched out as far as they ever had been. He then asked me if he could come in my mouth. I told him, “Later, if you have it in you but I want you to fill my pussy first.” Omar now had a good rhythm going and I knew he was very close to coming. I still had my legs around him and was milking him with every muscle I could find. I saw him tense up and knew it was coming. He pushed into me, groaned and let loose. Four or five streams later and I could feel the juices running out of my pussy. He pulled out and I immediately squeezed my pussy closed. I looked up at Sam and asked him if he had a prize for me. I didn’t have to ask twice. He got between my legs and put his cock in. It went a lot easier this time. I am fully stretched out, and swollen. He didn’t last long. He did start very fast and hard but only for a moment. I saw him grimace and he pushed fully into me. I jus got another full load.
I held him into me for a moment while I came down from my own orgasm. I was sweating, and completely out of breath. I’ve got my legs wrapped around this man that was stretching my pussy wider than it had ever been before. What a ride these two men just gave me. I then told them that I would be right back. I went to see Don. I told them, “Grab a beer and get your second wind, I’m not done yet.” I wanted to surprise Don by showing off my nipples and my swollen pussy. But his surprise is that I wanted to talk dirty to him because that really turns him. Imagine his church going wife of 30 years talking trash. He really gets off by seeing my nipples and pussy get stretched out. Maybe he has a masochistic streak in him that I didn’t know about.
I went through the adjoining door bare ass naked. Don was lying on the bed watching TV. He was in his usual white cotton briefs but I saw an immediate hard on starting. He looked at me and then down at my tits. My nipples are out a full inch and swollen, hickeys all over my breasts. I am covering my pussy with my hand. I got on the bed and straddled him. I took his hand and put it to my pussy. I said, “See how many fingers you can get in.” He got four in. He looked at me as the come was running down around his hand. His response was, “Holy shit, will it go back to normal?” I leaned down and put a nipple in his mouth. He readily sucked on both. I started whispering in his ear, “I just got the shit fucked out of me next door. Could you hear me moaning? Could you hear me yell when I was coming? I just took two of the fattest cocks I have ever seen. Were you thinking of your proper wife in the next room getting fucked by two black guys? Was your cock getting hard, thinking of it?” I then stood upon the bed, still straddling him. I reached down and opened my pussy lips. The come was dripping down both of my thighs and hanging off of my pussy lips. I said, “Look at how my poor pussy was getting a workout and all stretched. See all the cum they left in me.” I told him about Sam and his huge thickness and how he had really stretched me. I then bragged that I took all of Omar. His only reply was, “Maybe you did, but look at your pussy.” He then smiled and said, “What a beautiful pussy and it’s mine whenever I want it.” He then thanked me and said that it was a wonderful surprise. I reached into his briefs and stroked his dick. It was only 5” but solid. I leaned over and sucked on it. It took less than 10 seconds and he erupted. I swallowed every drop.
I told him that I was going back for more and that the guys were having a beer and getting ready for round two. I then told him that when I was done with round two that I would be back and I wanted him to take very good care of his slutty, whore wife. He loves me to talk dirty to him. I then told him that his wife was going next door and getting her brains fucked out. I told him that when I come back I wanted him to suck on my swollen nipples and to fuck my swollen pussy and my ass. He asked me if they fucked my ass and my reply was, “Not yet, but I’m going back for round two.” I said, "Why, would you like it if one of those big cocks fucked my ass?" He nodded in the affirmative. "Then maybe I will do just that!"
When I went back Omar was in a chair and Sam was sitting on the sofa. They were having a beer and had put on the TV. I walked over and shut it off. “Hey, why are you watching TV when you have me?” I told them that I was going to hop in for a quick shower and I wanted them to think about what they were going to do to me when I came out. They must have paid attention because when I came out they were both in the same spots but TV was still off and they both were playing with their hard on.
Still feeling slutty as ever I walked over to the bed and laid down. I pulled my knees up, opened my legs and started fingering myself. They got the signal. Over they came. They knelt to each side of my face and I took turns sucking their cocks. Omar reached down and was fingering my pussy. Sam had a finger in my ass. After a few minutes of this Sam laid down next to me and told me to get on top of him. I straddled him and reached down for that fat monster. I put the head to my pussy lips and slowly sat down on it. Even though he had already been in me this still took my breath away as he entered me. After rocking a few times I had him fully into me. I rocked back and forth, squeezing that fat cock of his. He looked at Omar and said, “Jesus Omar, this bitch is hotter than any women I have ever been with. Does she ever get enough?” All he said was, “She’s going to get enough tonight.” I then looked at both of them and said, "Don’t talk about it, do it.” He then got behind me and I knew what that meant. He reached into his duffel bag and took out some Astroglide. He also put on one of those Magnum condoms. I didn’t know whether to cringe or come. I leaned forward and held onto the headboard while he stuck a finger in my ass. It then felt like he stuck two in and held it open so he could squirt the lubricant in. While he had two fingers in my ass, Sam yelled out, “Hey Omar I can feel your fingers, keep doing that.” Everybody started laughing.
The time had come. I could feel his cock pushing at my poor ass. He did go very slow and I could feel him stretching me. I couldn’t believe that someone my size could stretch out enough to accommodate both of these guys, but I did. After a moment or so, I could feel Omar pumping me. I asked him how much was in and he said about 6inches. So, here I am with 7inches of black cock in my pussy and 6 inches of black cock in my ass. Maybe that’s what the other women on this site talk about when they say that they take 13” of hard cock. This was uncomfortable at first but it soon turned to pleasure. I even thought about Don and how he would have loved to see me doing this. Here I am holding the headboard grunting and groaning while two cocks are pumping into my pussy and ass at the same time. My tits are swaying back and forth with inch long nipples pointing out. A moment later Sam whispered in my ear about coming in my mouth. I told Omar to stop for a second while I got up and off of Sam’s dick. I then backed up a little, with Omar still in my ass. I was now even with Sam’s cock and started to suck and stroke him. It didn’t take long. I felt him tense up. I was stroking with one hand, rolling his balls around in my other hand and sucking on that fat cock head. In between licks and sucks I would tell him, “C’mon baby, come in my mouth. Squirt that load right here in my mouth, and I’ll swallow every drop.” Omar had a good rhythm going as well. I knew Sam was real close and felt his body shudder. I put my mouth over the head of his dick and started to swallow. He was holding onto my head and pumping my mouth. Omar was holding my ass cheeks and pumping my ass. I was being filled at both ends. I was just finishing Sam with my mouth when I heard Omar grunt and groan. I felt a final push, which I think was more than the 6 inches he talked about, and knew he was coming as well. After a moment or so, he pulled out. Damn that felt good. I rolled over on my back and looked at both men. I’ve had two different cocks in my pussy tonight, sucked one off with my mouth and handled another with my ass. I am tired.
My nipples and breasts are swollen, my pussy lips are puffy, distended and hanging down and my ass is now a gaping hole. Maybe I am a slut after all. It is now almost midnight and I want to be with my husband. I kissed both men goodbye, thanked them for a wonderful time and told them that they are on their own. I grabbed my clothes and headed next door.
I walked in and Don was still lying there. I flopped on the bed, face down. He asked me if I let them fuck my ass. All I said was, “Look for yourself.” He pulled my ass cheeks apart and said, “Wow, I might be able to get an echo out of there.” I slapped his hands away and we both started laughing. We hugged and kissed.
I rolled on my back and opened my legs. I started talking dirty to him again. “Well, you wanted to see me stretched out, look at what they did to my pussy.” He reached down and easily put four fingers in my pussy. He commented on how swollen my lips were and how they stuck out so far. He was kind enough to leave my ass alone, figuring that it took enough abuse for one night. He leaned over and sucked on my stretched nipples. I was a mess. He said, “You are the most beautiful wife a man could ever have. Thank you for everything you have done to let me live out this fantasy.” I asked him if he wanted to fuck my swollen pussy since I had only given him a very quick blowjob earlier. He replied, “No, you’ve had enough cock for one night. Get some sleep.” I them remembered that he said he had a surprise for me and asked him what it was. He said that it really wasn't a surprise but he did have a second fantasy. He said that next to what I have been doing for the past few months, he would like to cap this off with seeing me and another woman get together. I didn't know what to say. I've always been hetero but did have a one-night stand in college. One night, when we all had too much to drink my room mate and I felt each other up and did some light kissing. "Hey, let me recuperate from this one first, before I give thought to that."
I don’t remember much after that. When I woke up it was morning and Don was just coming out of the shower. There was a knock at the door. Don answered it. It was room service. He had ordered a full breakfast for me. There were a dozen long stem roses sitting in the middle of the tray with a Thank You card he signed. He said, “Have your breakfast. I’m running the water in the tub for you and brought your favorite oils. I think your pussy and ass needs a soothing and relaxing stint in the tub before we head home.”
I pulled the sheet off of me and showed him my body. My nipples were back to normal size but dark red and puffy. Both breasts were covered with hickeys. My pussy was red and swollen. My pussy lips were still stretched out. I told him that my entire body needed a stint in the tub.
God, I love that man.

Hot wife gets blacked by two hung guys (part 1)

I am 50 years old, married for 30 years with three children who are all grown and gone. I am 5’2” and weigh 110 pounds. I am considered to be very attractive but have worked very hard to maintain a nice figure, albeit some of it giving into gravity. Don, my husband, had the fantasy wanting to watch me with another man, preferably a well endowed black man. I shared a similar fantasy. My husband is only 5” and not very thick. I do love him dearly and he did father our three children. He is a slow, kind and gentle lover. I wanted something large and aggressive. We found a good candidate through an interracial site and met several times. Those meetings led up to a gangbang in New York at my lover’s house. All of this was a conspiracy between my lover and my husband.
After arriving home from my sex filled evening in New York where 4 black men had their way with me while my husband took pictures I couldn’t get Omar out of my mind. He was one of those men at the party and was the one that had a 10 inch uncut cock. Up until then I had never been with an uncut man. I was fascinated with the size of his cock and the foreskin. I just couldn’t get enough. Well, the fact of the matter is that I DID get enough because I couldn’t take the entire 10 inches and it was becoming a challenge to me. Sure, I’ve read stories here about women taking 12 and 13 inch cocks but I don’t believe that for a second. Hell guys, our pussy is only so deep.
I talked with Don about my intrigue with Omar’s cock and how I had never seen anything that big. He asked if I wanted to try him again. I told him that I did. I really didn’t believe that I could take all of him. Let’s face it, at 5’2” there is only so much room up there. Even giving birth to three children didn’t provide that much room to accommodate him, or did it. At our last meeting I was able to take almost 9”, and that was a feat. Well, we talked and agreed that I would invite Omar out our way. I told Don that I would take care of all the arrangements and would give him a surprise. He kept pushing me to find out what surprise I was planning but I wouldn’t give in. He then said that he had a surprise for me as well. I had Omar’s e-mail address and sent a message. It didn’t take long for him to respond that he was most interested in coming out to see me.
I made reservations at a hotel in Boston. Like we did at a previous rendezvous, we rented two rooms that abut with adjoining doors. During the week leading up to this “date” I got a manicure, pedicure and a facial. Saturday finally arrived and we headed into town. We checked in and got keycards to both rooms. I told Omar that we would meet him in the lobby at 6pm and go to dinner. After checking in I decided to take a shower and get ready. Getting ready involved shaving my pussy smooth. I walked out of the shower and flashed my pussy to Don. Hey babe, look at this. In a few hours it will be red and stretched out, just for you. He loves for me to talk dirty to him but I don’t usually do that. I like to surprise him with a tirade of smut talk. Since I like making it special for him I rarely talk trash. Only when I am in a real slutty mood. Well, he walked over and slid his finger in me, but I told him, “Hmmm, later babe.”
I dressed in my black cocktail dress with black bra, garter, and hose, along with my old reliable 2” heels. I can’t stand up in anything higher. No panties. Don loves it when I go out in public with him knowing that I am not wearing panties. I have to wear a bra because of my age and the consequences of gravity. Seeing me in a t-shirt without a bra is not a pretty sight. They no longer point north. We headed out to the lobby at 6. I saw Omar sitting there with a friend. I didn’t remember saying anything about a friend. As far as I was concerned, his 10 inch cock is his friend. We exchanged hellos. His friend’s name is Sam. Sam was a bit shorter and heavier than Omar with a shaved head. If you remember from before, Omar is about 5’11” but only weighs 130 pounds. Sam is about 5’8” and medium build. We all headed into the dining room. After dinner and a few drinks we decided to go to the lounge. The band hadn’t shown yet so we all had another drink and talked. I decided that it was time to go upstairs. I didn’t want to wait for the band anyway. So, we headed out. When we got to the rooms, I gave Don the keycard to our room, kissed him and told him to wait for me. He looked puzzled on why he couldn’t come into watch. I told him that I would have a surprise for him later and to trust me. He went into his room alone.
Omar, Sam and I went into the adjoining room. Earlier that afternoon I had brought in the fixings for cosmopolitans. They are my liquid courage. I’m not a cheapskate but hotel prices in their wet bar is outrageous. I knew Omar was a beer drinker and brought a 12 pack for him. He’ll have to share with Sam. He shouldn’t mind because it seems that he’s going to share with Sam anyway, and that sharing happens to be me! I handed them each a beer and made myself a drink. I kicked off my shoes and sat on the sofa between them. I immediately reached down and started stroking Omar’s thigh and cock, asking him if he had taken good care of this for me. He said that he did and that it will also take good care of me.
He leaned over and kissed me. He told me that he brought Sam along because he had a nice surprise for me also. He got up and brought back his small duffel bag. He took out a package of condoms. I should have known right there that I was in for a long night when I saw the name on the package, Magnum. He then took out a plastic bag and I saw the nipple clamps I wore in New York. They have a necklace portion to them that holds a battery pack and the clamps provide a wonderful stimulation when they are hooked up. The last time I wore these my nipples extended more than one full inch. He told me that he borrowed them from Derek who was my first black lover. He said that Derek gave them to him and said that he was disappointed that he wasn’t invited but understood why. And he also said that I would be most pleased with Sam. I would soon find out.
Sam reached behind me and unzipped my dress. I slid the straps off my shoulders, stood up and let the dress fall to the floor. I unhooked my bra and let that fall as well. I kept my garter belt and hose on - what the hell, they weren’t getting in the way of anything. Omar walked over and stood in front of me. I reached down and unzipped his pants. I sat down on the sofa and reached in looking for my prize. I wasn’t disappointed. I pulled it out and started stroking that beautiful foreskin. It started coming to life and grew. He unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor as well. In fact, he stripped right down to nothing. We both looked at Sam with the expression of, are you going to join us? He stood up and began to undress. He was more muscular than I originally thought. As he dropped his pants I could see the outline of his cock through the boxers. He stepped closer to me, thrusting his hips my way. I reached to his waistband and pulled them down. Wow! He had the fattest cock I had ever seen. It was about 7” long but had to be 7” around as well. I haven’t been with many men in my life but I have seen plenty of porno movies and magazines as well as internet sites. This WAS the fattest cock I have ever seen. He was uncut as well but his cock head was so large that the foreskin could not cover it. In fact, it almost looked deformed. I stroked both cocks, fascinated with the foreskin and the way it slides. I took turns with each man in my mouth. Omar has a pointed head and I easily slid that in my mouth. Sam took some work. I worked both of them to hardness, which really didn’t take long. My thoughts went back to Don, sitting alone in the room next door. But I didn’t think about him for long because I had plenty to keep me occupied right here and besides, I have a surprise planned for Don later on.
Omar reached down and put the necklace on me. He connected the nipple clamps and turned it on. In an instant, my nipples grew. The feeling was great and I had goose bumps all over. He took my hand and stood me up. We all went over to the bed. Fortunately, I ordered a king size and would soon find out that we needed all of it. Omar asked me if I felt alright with what was happening. I told him that I actually felt slutty tonight and wanted a lot to happen. Contrary to my usual ladylike manners I began talking a bit dirty by asking Omar if he was going to stretch my poor little pussy with that thing of his. He said that he was going to stretch my pussy, my mouth, and maybe my ass. In looking at both of their cocks, Omar’s would have to be the one I try in my ass. And that would be a major undertaking. Sam’s cock looked about as thick as my wrist and there was no way that was going anywhere near my ass.
Omar laid me down on the bed and said, “Well, if you’re feeling a little slutty, how about showing us a little of what we’re going to get tonight. After all, we’ve already shown you what we’re going to give you.” I smirked at him and opened my legs, flashing my smoothly shaved pussy. I then reached down, opened my pussy lips, and started fingering myself. The wetness was already building and a trickle dripped down the crack of my ass. I then asked them if anyone wanted to try a taste. Sam jumped on the bed and dove right in. He started licking my clit and fingering both my pussy and ass at the same time. Omar knelt on the bed and put his cock in my mouth. With a cock in my mouth, a tongue licking my clit, a finger in my pussy, a finger in my ass and the nipple clamps I stiffened, moaned and I began to come. This would be the first of many tonight. Omar reached down and took the clamps off. They did their job. My nipples were out a full inch. He would knead them between his fingers while I sucked and stroked his cock. I reached down and pulled the back of Sam’s bald head closer to my pussy. I think I was suffocating him. After a few moments of this Sam knelt between my legs and started stroking his cock. I knew that this was the moment of reckoning. He asked if he could forego the condom for now and would use one before coming in me. As I said earlier, I was feeling slutty tonight and told him that he could. I should tell the readers that I would normally practice safe sex and have done a few things in the past couple of months that is not very safe. I have been lucky up to now but I don’t condone dangerous sex with unknown people. Omar reached down and held my hand as Sam put his cock to my pussy lips. He started rubbing up and down on my clit, which always drives me crazy. Omar and Derek may have shared that secret with him. After a few seconds he pushed just the head in. I flinched, and arched my back, taking a big breath. He stopped and let me adjust to his size. I started milking his cock by contracting my pussy muscles, which I think I am very good at if I do say so myself. He would push in a little and stop. He then would pull out a little, in a little and stop. He did this for a few seconds and then pulled out. I felt a sigh of relief when that thing pulled out of me, but it wasn’t for long. He then began rubbing his cock over my clit, driving me to sexual craziness. Just as I was about to come, he pushed his cock fully into me. I let out a scream, arched my back, and squeezed the sheets with both fists but this time I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him with all my strength. He started to slowly pump me, all the way out, all the way in. It felt great, but I knew I was being stretched. At one point I remember yelling over and over, "Fuck me, fuck me hard.” While he did this, Omar got closer to me and laid his ball sack in front of my mouth. I started sucking on his balls. I then reached up and began stroking that huge dick of his. I felt him connect the nipple clamps again and felt a rush go through my nipples. It didn’t take long and I came again, this time with great intensity.
After a few moments of this I saw Omar and Sam give each other the high five, slapping hands together. They switched positions. What am I, a sporting event? Obviously, this is a tag team match and I am the poor victim. Well ok, a welcome victim.
Omar now slid between my legs and put his cock to my pussy. We looked at each other and I mouthed the words, “Give it all to me baby.” He easily slid in over halfway. Sam had seen to that. I was pretty stretched. Sam knelt next to my head and I started stroking his cock. God the head was huge. I could not pull the foreskin all the way over it. The veins were enormous as well. Like I said earlier, this almost looked deformed. But it sure did feel good in my pussy. I had difficulty getting the head in my mouth so he would have to settle for me licking around it and stroking him. I was really paying more attention to Omar because I wanted to see how much of him I could take. He would slowly push further and further with each stroke. I felt him bottom out on me and looked down. There was at least two inches left. Damn, I did better last time. Sam reached down and took the clamps off. He laid next to me and began sucking on my nipples and tits. When Omar bottomed out again, I wrapped my legs around him and wouldn’t let him pull out. I looked at him and said, “Push nice and easy, I want it all.” He would continue to put pressure on me. It was uncomfortable at first but I got through the pain. I would continue contracting my pussy muscles and pull him into me. I don’t know what moved but I could feel him going deeper and deeper. I don’t know why but a thought came to me that I would feel him in my throat. I started chuckling. He looked at me. I said, “Never mind, I’ll tell you later.”
Well I don’t know how, but I was able to accommodate the whole thing. It was uncomfortable to get in but I accomplished what I wanted to do tonight. The other accomplishment is in the next room. I still had a surprise planned for Don. Omar would pull out but an inch or so and then slowly push back in. It almost felt like my innards were being moved around, and they probably were.